Departmental Bulletin Paper 富山県の若者における浴衣の装い行動の構造 : 和文化体験の一助として
Structure of Yukata-Wearing Behavior by Young People in Toyama Prefecture : As a Guide to Experiencing Japanese Culture

孫, 珠煕(孫 珠熙)

The purpose of this study is to clarify the behavior of young people in Toyama prefecture when they wear yukata at hot spring resorts, with a focus on its structure and characteristics.The survey subjects were 286 university students(122 males and164 females), and the survey period was from October to December, 2014. The results include:Both genders selected “yukata whose base colors and patterns are different in men and women” as an ideal yukata. In particular, 59.8% of the women answered, “It is preferable for both genders to have many choices regarding the types of yukata they want to wear.” This indicates that even among those of the same gender, people want to enjoy wearing yukata with patterns and colors that are different from others.Factor analysis of “yukata-wearing behavior at hot spring resorts”(30 items, a six-point scale) extracted five factors: “comfort and relaxation,” “yukata-clad appearances,” “the desire to transform oneself,” “experiences in Japanese culture,” and “yukata you can choose from.” Female students were more aware of their appearance than their male counterparts, and they tend to have the desire to wear yukata that suit their preferences.

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