Departmental Bulletin Paper 「ここではないどこか」ではない「いま、ここ」へ ― アントニー・ゴームリーの《別の場所》と《ランド》プロジェクトをめぐって―
Not ‘Anywhere But Here’ But ‘Here and Now’ - About Antony Gormley’s Another Place and Land Project-

伊東, 多佳子

 Landscape is very modern concept, because it is not already there as it itself, but it becomes to exist by the birth of subject who sees it. In fact, landscape is ‘aesthetically seen nature (or land)’ and is seen in the activity of formation of aesthetic subjectivity. We reconstruct landscape by forming it, interpreting it and framing it. In 1960’ s, landscape in art which had been ‘a representation of a framed view’ until then, changed completely, out from museums into landscape, using landscape itself as material of art and returned inside landscape as work of art. This is the beginning of the land/environmental art. Environmental art as new landscape art is getting into land and in and about the real natural environment. This means the works of environmental art are site-specific. In this paper, I will argue about two works of Antony Gormley, Another Place and Land project as good examples of site-specific landscape/environmental art, that express especially its relationship to land, landscape and environment.

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