Departmental Bulletin Paper Spanish Artistic Appreciation methodology in Japan : Learning own culture through Art. Going to Art Museum with kindergarten children. : A new methodology of Art teaching based on the Japanese concept of expression and the Spanish concept of appreciation.

Pastor Matamoros, Sofia  ,  Sumi, Atsushi

By the comparison of Japanese and Spanish Art Education, we found the Spanish model focused on the teaching of artistic appreciation, whereas the Japanese model is based on the children's expressive development. We support the idea of mixing both models as complementary and necessary methodological change for balance the actual visual education in its scope of instruction of the subject. For instance, through the importation of good school practices adapted to a new context, with a common benefit for both countries. Therefore, this research introduces the Spanish Aesthetic Appreciation teaching methodology model applied to a Japanese Kindergarten as example of the Spanish reality in the realm of Aesthetic Appreciation Teaching Skills and its adaptation possibilities to the Japanese Educational System.

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