Departmental Bulletin Paper 多角バレルスパッタリング法を用いて調製したRu–Ni/TiO2触媒のCO2メタン化反応特性
CO2 Methanation Performance of a Ru–Ni/TiO2 Catalyst Prepared by the Polygonal Barrel-Sputtering Method

井上, 光浩  ,  島, 明日香  ,  宮崎, かほり  ,  専光寺, 旭洋  ,  メンドーサ, オマール  ,  魯, 保旺  ,  曽根, 理嗣  ,  阿部, 孝之

36pp.39 - 44 , 2017-09-15 , 富山大学研究推進機構水素同位体科学研究センター
A TiO2-supported Ru–Ni alloy (Ru–Ni/TiO2) catalyst (atomic ratio of Ru:Ni = 50:50) for the CO2 methanation reaction was prepared by the polygonal barrel-sputtering method. Sputtering was performed with an area ratio of the Ru and Ni targets of 1:1, Ar gas pressure of 0.8 Pa, and AC power of the radiofrequency power supply of 100 W without heating. As a result, the Ru–Ni alloy nanoparticles were highly dispersed on the TiO2 particles used as the support. The particle sizes were distributed between 1 and 5 nm (average size: 2.5 nm), which is similar to the size distribution of a Ru/TiO2 sample prepared by the same method in our previous study. However, the CO2 methanation performance of Ru–Ni/TiO2 is not as high as that of the above-mentioned Ru/TiO2 sample. This might be because of the lower catalytic activity of Ni than Ru.

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