Departmental Bulletin Paper 若者の和文化体験からみた温泉ゆかたの嗜好傾向
Preference Trends for Yukata Worn at Hot-Spring Hotels as Seen from Young Peoples' Experiences in Japanese Culture

孫, 珠煕(孫 珠熙)  ,  中嶋, 史央里

In this study, we conducted a questionnaire survey on onsen yukata(casual cotton kimono worn at hot spring hotels)involving 375 university students(in Toyama, Tokyo, and Osaka prefectures). The results are as follows: As a reason to visit hot-spring resorts, the most frequent answers from both genders were “to have fun,” “to relieve stress,” and “to relax,” in this order.Both genders liked light color tone yukata most. As the base color, male students liked dark blue best, followed by blue, while female students liked dark blue best, followed by pink.Regional differences were seen in females’ preference of yukata patterns: In Toyama, preference was divided between traditional Japanese flower patterns(50%)and modern Japanese geometric patterns(48.2%). In Tokyo, traditional Japanese flower patterns were preferred(68.9%)more, and in Osaka preference was more on modern Japanese geometric patterns/Japanese modern(63.1%).For women’s yukata, females liked yukata with colored flower patterns on a dark-blue background, while males preferred females to wear yukata with flower patterns on a pastel green or pastel blue background.

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