Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国魏金銅仏の鋳造技法の検討ー佐野美術館蔵天建元年銘青銅如来坐像光背火焔文の再現実験を通してー
Study on the casting methods of gilt bronze Buddhist statue in Chinese Nothern Wei -Partial experimental casting of Nyorai in Sano Art Museum collection-

三宮, 千佳

The gilt bronze Buddhist statue in Chinese NorthernWei have been studied in the past by art history focusingon a style study, but there is no conspicuous developmentin recent years.So I considered mint methods by aexperimental casting as new development of the study.The gilt-bronze Nyorai with inscription Year 1th ofTianJian (524) taken up as a subject of a experimentalcasting is the collection in Sano art museum in Mishimashi,Shizuoka. So a experimental casting of nimbusof flames of the gilt-bronze Nyorai was also cast byarchetype to embellish pattern, with the guidance ofProfessor MIFUNE Haruhisa in the casting room atFaculty of Art and Design,University of Toyama, inJune (2015). The reproduction material compared withthe gilt-bronze Nyorai, and it was understood that acasting methods of it was cast by archetype to embellishpattern. This research is new technique as a study ina gorge of art history and archaeology, and I’d like tomake them develop through further experimental castingand observation from now on.

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