Departmental Bulletin Paper クリップの主張 : 現実を変えていくために
Claim of Clips to change the World

鼓, みどり

Does video clip claim for political or social issues? How the artists represent their opinions in their clips? This paper focuses on claims of clips on environmental issues, victims of the war and racism. Firstly we invest clips claiming environmental issues and victims of the war. Their message is quite political even though they were made for promotion. Clips present opinions of artists. Secondly we look into claims for racism in clips, especially of Michel Jackson's. His message is quite strong in his clips such as "Bad", "Black or White" and "Jam". Thirdly we examine the films "Marcom X", "Do the Right Thing" and "8 Miles" to follow the history of the racism in the States. We notice the expansion of Hip Hop culture.

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