Departmental Bulletin Paper 東京都と富山県における男子・女子高校生の制服着装行動の構造
How Wearing School Uniforms Affects the Behavior of Male and Female High School Students in Tokyo Metropolitan and Toyama Prefectures

孫, 珠煕(孫 珠熙)  ,  元林, 理佳

This study analyzed how school uniforms influence the behavior and lives of high school students by conducting a questionnaire survey involving 811 male and female high school students in Tokyo Metropolitan and Toyama Prefectures on the amount of their monthly allowance, present satisfaction levels, and school-uniform-wearing behavior.(1)"The average monthly allowance" is 4,587 yen for males in Toyama, 5,822 yen for males in Tokyo, 4,173 yen for females in Toyama, and 7,369 yen for females in Tokyo. The allowance of males in Tokyo is 47% of what it was 10 years ago, indicating that the students' financial condition is tight.(2)"Satisfaction levels" for school uniforms are generally low with females in Toyama (10.7%), females in Tokyo (17.7%), males in Toyama (18.6%); and males in Tokyo (17.4%). There is little difference in the satisfaction levels for school uniforms between male students in Toyama and their Tokyo counterparts. The satisfaction level of female students in Toyama is significantly lower than that of female students in Tokyo, indicating that some countermeasure is required.(3) Factor analysis of the questionnaire items on "high school students' school-uniform-wearing behavior" extracted 5 factors for males: "clothing in disarray," "desire for expressing individuality," "attachment to uniforms," "how they look when they wear a uniform," and "functionality of uniforms." For females, one factor, "management of uniforms," was added to the above, making the number of factors six in total.

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