Departmental Bulletin Paper テキストマイニングによる高校制服着用時の感情の可視化
Visualization of Students’ Emotions When They Wore High School Uniforms : A Text Mining Approach

孫, 珠煕(孫 珠熙)

This study focuses on the influence of school uniforms on the wearers' emotions and behavior from the perspective of clothing psychology. University students were asked about how they felt when they wore their school uniforms in high school.(1)"Regulations on school uniforms": The regulation that left the strongest impression on female students was the one on skirt length while for male students it was either the one regarding the number of buttons they were allowed to leave unfastened or the one on how to wear their trousers.(2)"What they did to express their individuality when they were in their uniforms": They used brightly-colored fancy goods or changed their hair styles because their school uniforms were mainly dark in color, such as black and dark blue.(3)"Their impressions on school uniforms": Mostly negative, such as "tacky," "old-fashioned," and "plain." Female students evaluated school uniforms lower than their male counterparts, showing that they were dissatisfied with their uniforms.(4)"How they felt when they went to school": Many students felt school uniforms made things easier because, unlike the case of ordinary clothes, they do not have to wonder what to wear. School uniforms are also considered as an important piece of clothing for high school students because they help students get into a proper mindset, bring a positive sense of tension, and help them develop a feeling of belonging.

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