Departmental Bulletin Paper TiFe0.9Co0.1水素化物の磁気特性
Magnetic Properties of Hydrogenated TiFe0.9Co0.1

赤丸, 悟士  ,  高, 英之  ,  原, 正憲  ,  西村, 克彦  ,  松山, 政夫

34pp.37 - 44 , 2015-07-31 , 富山大学水素同位体科学研究センター
The thermodynamic properties of the TiFe0.9Co0.1?H system and its magnetic properties with various hydrogen contents were examined. The pressure-composition isotherm curves showed a plateau region, and the change in the enthalpy with monohydride formation was similar to that of TiFe. From the conventional magnetic properties examinations, TiFe0.9Co0.1 was found to show no magnetic transition down to 10 K. The magnetic susceptibility of TiFe0.9Co0.1 increased with hydrogen uptake, but no ferromagnetic behavior was observed up to the hydrogen content of TiFe0.9Co0.1H0.6 at room temperature. The change in magnetic susceptibility with hydrogen uptake could be explained qualitatively by the band structure calculation

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