Departmental Bulletin Paper 浴衣の着装体験が温泉地域の活性化やファッションセラピーに及ぼす影響
The Effect of Yukata (a Casual Cotton Kimono)-Wearing Experience on Hot Spring Resort Area Revitalization and as a Fashion Therapy

孫, 珠煕(孫 珠熙)

This study examines what people think about wearing a yukata and the effect wearing one might have on them as a type of fashion therapy. 1. The image the subjects (students) have of yukata worn at hot spring hotels and inns: Males: soothing (57.1%), ③cool (as opposed to warm) (57.1%), easy to wear (51%) Females: loose (52.6%), easy to wear (51.7%), comfortable, soothing, and cool (48.3% each). 2. The image the subjects have of yukata worn at events: Both males and females feel this type of yukata makes the wearer look mature (45%). With regard to the feeling of excitement, females feel the image of yukata as exciting more than males do (63.8%of the females versus 36.7% of the males). It is considered that females feel psychological enjoyment as comfortableness. On the other hand, it is suggested that males focus on physiological comfortableness, such as cool (as opposed to warm) (49%) and refreshing (46.9%). 3. The structural equation model of consciousness and attitude towards yukata consisted of 2 latent constructs (dressing up/dressing in yukata and a change of pace/fashion therapy) with 8 manifest variables. The results of covariance structure analysis showed that the hypothetical model had statistically acceptable structural validities (GFI=0.939, AGFI=0.884, and RMSEA=0.000). A correlation of 0.4 was observed between dressing in yukata and a change of pace/fashion therapy as indicated by the results, such as the more the person 'wears yukata stylishly (0.91)' and 'cares about not only yukata but also about the color combination of obi sashes and yukata (0.53),' the more he/she feels that 'Wearing a yukata makes you feel you are someone different from your usual self' (0.85) or 'Wearing a yukata creates a different impression of the person who is wearing it' (0.78).

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