Departmental Bulletin Paper 学習到達目標の設定に関する中学・高校英語教師の信念と実践 : CAN-DOリストの設定と普及のための提言
Senior and Junior High School English Teachers’ Beliefs and Classroom Practices About Learning Attainment Targets : Suggestions for Setting and Diffusing ‘Can-Do Lists’

岡崎, 浩幸  ,  楽山, 進  ,  井口, 亮介

Since “Five Proposals and Specific Measures for Developing Proficiency in English for International Communication”(The Commission on the Development of Foreign Language Proficiency, 2011)was announced in 2011, Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology(MEXT)has attempted to promote higher-levels of English proficiency of students in urging senior and junior high school English teachers to set up learning attainment targets in the form of ‘CAN-DO lists’. This study examines Japanese English teachers’ beliefs and classroom practices regarding the learning attainment targets through a questionnaire of 116 English teachers. The results show that there are discrepancies between teachers' beliefs and practices in the following statements: in order to set up attainment targets a certain consensus is needed among English teachers; it is necessary to set up attainment targets that students can accomplish in English; attainment targets should be set up for the four basic language skills. Some suggestions of this study for the current innovation in Japan's English education are also discussed.

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