Journal Article Study on Liquid Management Technology in Water Tank for Propulsion System Utilizing Aluminum and Water Reaction (Improvement of Liquid Acquisition Performance by Hydrophilic Coating in Metallic Tank)

IMAMURA, Takuya  ,  SUGIOKA, Masatoshi  ,  HIGASHINO, Kazuyuki  ,  IMAI, Ryoji

35 ( 1 )  , pp.350103-1 - 350103-6 , 2018-07-31 , 日本マイクログラビティ応用学会
In order to use hydrogen as a fuel for spacecraft propulsion system, utilization of aluminum and water reaction system is considered. Liquid-gas separation is necessary for water tank in this propulsion system. The purpose of this study is to confirm the applicability of water to the surface tension liquid acquisition mechanism in tank by improving wettability using a silica coating. It was demonstrated that silica coating could improve the wettability of water against metallic material applied to practical tanks. By the microgravity experiment using drop tower facility, it was confirmed that water in tank could be acquired on the liquid outlet by vane device with silica coating.

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