Departmental Bulletin Paper 2016 年台風10号による日高地方地盤災害の要因に関する調査
Survey on Factors of Geotechnical Disaster in Hidaka Region due to Typhoon No.10 in 2016

木幡, 行宏

Natural disasters caused by concentrated heavy rains and typhoons have occurred in various places, and has made a great impact on social activities and people's lives in recent years in japan. Then the effect on transportation caused by disaster on slope failure is very high. The Hokkaido heavy rainfalls due to Typhoon 10th in 2016 caused geotechnical disasters, which are slope failure, debris flow, scour and erosion etc. In particular, serious geotechnical damages were induced in Hidaka region. The objective of this study is to investigate factors for geotechnical disaster due to Typhoon 10th in this region. In this study, geomorphic and geological investigation for factor of slope failure occurred in the Nissho mountain pass in Route 274 and the Karikachi mountain pass in Route 38 is discussed. In the survey, it is found that the collapses of road embankments and cut slopes is caused by scour and erosion due to an infiltration into ground and a flow of road surface water by a large amount of rain water.

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