Departmental Bulletin Paper 日勝峠・狩勝峠における斜面崩壊の特徴と地盤工学的考察
Slope Failure of Nissho and Karikachi Mountain Passes due to Hokkaido Heavy Rainfalls and Its Evaluation

川村, 志麻

The Hokkaido heavy rainfalls due to Typhoon 7th, 11th, 9th and 10th in 2016 caused floods of rivers, slope failure and debris flow. In particular, serious geotechnical damages were induced in Hidaka district, for example collapses of road embankments and cut slopes and road facilities. This paper describes geotechnical characteristics of decomposed granite and periglacial soils sampled from the Nissho mountain pass in Route 274. A series of site investigation and laboratory tests for physical mechanical properties were performed on the soils materials. In consideration of test results, it was found that soil layers of weathering residual granite soils specified into problematic soils are observed in disaster areas and that the mechanical behavior is changed depending on the degree of weathering (environmental conditions).

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