Departmental Bulletin Paper 台風10号被害が道路交通ネットワーク流に与えた影響に関する調査
A Study on the Impact of Damage by Typhoon No. 10 on Traffic Flow in Hokkaido

有村, 幹治  ,  浅田, 拓海

We analyzed the residence distribution and the traffic volume of people before and after the typhoon 10 attacked in the various regions in Hokkaido using the two traffic big data. By analyzing using mobile spatial statistics, we confirmed the variation of the population of residents by Typhoon No. 10 for each municipality. In the analysis using Konzatsu Tokei, we have grasped geographically the decrease in the traffic volume in the road closing section and the traffic volume on the alternative road. By using such traffic big data, it was possible to show the possibility of utilization for regional disaster prevention and disaster risk management.

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