Journal Article High speed formation of pyro-carbon coat on silicon carbide fiber by continuous chemical vapor deposition furnace

Park, Joon-Soo  ,  Nakazato, Naofumi  ,  Takayama, Naoyuki  ,  Kishimoto, Hirotatsu  ,  Kohyama, Akira

2017-05-15 , Elsevier B.V.
In order to develop a practical process for the carbon coating on SiC fiber, high-speed and continuous pyrocarbon (PyC) coating process are under development by using a continuous CVD furnace with open-ends structure. The effects of process gas and winding speed have been investigated. It was revealed that the growth rate of PyC is in proportion to winding speed and the flow rate of process gas. PyC growth rate was reached up to 250 nm/min, which is several hundred higher than those of conventional CVI/CVD methods This results indicates that the mass production of PyC coated SiC fiber without unexpected residual deformation (torsion and curvature) is possible. And, the mass production and practical use of SiC/SiC using PyC coated SiC fiber will be largely promoted.

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