Journal Article Motion-tracking skill assist and power assist for sinusoidal motions with a semi-active assist mechanism using energy control

KUSAKA, Takashi  ,  TANAKA, Takayuki  ,  KAJIWARA, Hidekazu

4 ( 2 )  , pp.1 - 11 , 2017-01-03 , Springer
This paper describes a skill assist method for sinusoidal motions using a semi-active assist mechanism through an energy control method. In a previous study, we had developed and verified the effectiveness of a power assist device with a semi-active assist mechanism and a control method for reducing loads during periodic motion. Here, we have developed a skill assist method as an extension of our power assist device for periodic motion. The skill of performing sinusoidal motions is defined in this study as an operator’s ability to track such motions. Therefore, our skill assist method attempts to improve the operator’s tracking ability. The proposed skill assist method is implemented using our previous power assist device; therefore, the device provides not only a power assist effect but also a skill assist effect to correct the motion. Hence, an operator obtains both the power and the skill assist effects simultaneously.

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