Journal Article Mechanochromic luminescence of 1-alkanoylaminopyrenes adsorbed onto cellulose papers

NAGATA, Eisuke  ,  ARA, Takuya  ,  NAKANO, Hideyuki

141pp.48 - 52 , 2017-06 , Elsevier
We have previously reported that crystalline samples of 1-acetylaminopyrene (AAPy), 1-octanoylaminopyrene (OAPy), and 1-stearoylaminopyrene (SAPy) exhibited mechanochromic luminescence. In the present study, we have found that these 1-alkanoylaminopyrenes adsorbed onto cellulose papers also exhibited mechanochromic luminescence; however, their behaviors were essentially different from those observed for their crystalline samples. In addition, these cellulose papers were found to exhibit reversible emission color change upon alternate exposure to ethanol and water vapors. It was suggested that 1-alkanoylaminopyrene molecules were dispersed in the paper without aggregation or crystallization and that intermolecular distance of 1-alkanoylaminopyrenes in the paper was reduced by either mechanical stress or exposure to ethanol vapor, resulting in increasing the sites where excimers could be formed and/or in enhancing the efficiencies of energy migration to reach the excimer sites.

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