Departmental Bulletin Paper 近接型相似微小地震対における相対震源座標推定法の理論的検討
Theoretical Analysis on Relative Source Location of Proximate Overlapping Similar Seismic Events

永野, 宏治  ,  田村, 弘貴

We can use geothermal energy by obtaining steam and/or hot water that are in subsurface fracture. Therefore, we should understand geometrial, mechanical, and chemical properties of the subsurface fracture so that we can use the geothermal energy. We can estimate location and structure of subsurface fracture by measurement of microseismic events that are emitted at the subsurface fracture. We have studied overlapping similar microseismic events. If a second event, with a similar waveform to an earlier event, arrives before complete attenuation of that earlier event, the two events overlap each other. We call the overlapping similar microseismic events "Proximate Microseismic Doublets". In this paper, we examine a theoretical method on relative source location of the proximate microseismic doublets.

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