Journal Article Game Theoretic Resource Allocation in Media Cloud With Mobile Social Users

SU, Zhou  ,  XU, Qichao  ,  FEI, Minrui  ,  DONG, Mianxiong

18 ( 8 )  , pp.1650 - 1660 , 2016-08 , IEEE
Due to the rapid increases in both the population of mobile social users and the demand for quality of experience (QoE), providing mobile social users with satisfied multimedia services has become an important issue. Media cloud has been shown to be an efficient solution to resolve the above issue, by allowing mobile social users to connect to it through a group of distributed brokers. However, as the resource in media cloud is limited, how to allocate resource among media cloud, brokers, and mobile social users becomes a new challenge. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a game theoretic resource allocation scheme for media cloud to allocate resource to mobile social users though brokers. First, a framework of resource allocation among media cloud, brokers, and mobile social users is presented. Media cloud can dynamically determine the price of the resource and allocate its resource to brokers. A mobile social user can select his broker to connect to the media cloud by adjusting the strategy to achieve the maximum revenue, based on the social features in the community. Next, we formulate the interactions among media cloud, brokers, and mobile social users by a four-stage Stackelberg game. In addition, through the backward induction method, we propose an iterative algorithm to implement the proposed scheme and obtain the Stackelberg equilibrium. Finally, simulation results show that each player in the game can obtain the optimal strategy where the Stackelberg equilibrium exists stably.

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