Journal Article Aggregation Induced Emission of 4-[Bis(4-methylphenyl)amino]acetophenone

SHISHIDO, Kazuki  ,  NAKANO, Hideyuki

29 ( 3 )  , pp.369 - 372 , 2016 , The Society of Photopolymer Science and Technology (SPST)
B4-[Bis(4-methylphenyl)amino]acetophenone (BMAAP) exhibited solvatofluoro-chromism in solutions but the emission was quenched in ethanol. When a droplet of the ethanol solution of BMAAP was added into water, the resulting aqueous suspension was found to exhibit bright emission upon UV irradiation. It was found that the emission color of the resulting aqueous suspension was changed by vigorous stirring on heating. Morphological change of the aggregated particle of BMAAP plays a role for the emission color change.

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