Journal Article Framed curves in the Euclidean space

HONDA, Shun’ichi  ,  TAKAHASHI, Masatomo

16 ( 3 )  , pp.265 - 276 , 2016-06 , Walter De Gruyter Gmbh
A framed curve in the Euclidean space is a curve with a moving frame. It is a generalization not only of regular curves with linear independent condition, but also of Legendre curves in the unit tangent bundle. We define smooth functions for a framed curve, called the curvature of the framed curve, similarly to the curvature of a regular curve and of a Legendre curve. Framed curves may have singularities. The curvature of the framed curve is quite useful to analyse the framed curves and their singularities. In fact, we give the existence and the uniqueness for the framed curves by using their curvature. As applications, we consider a contact between framed curves, and give a relationship between projections of framed space curves and Legendre curves.
MSC 2010: 58K05; 53A04; 53D35

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