Conference Paper ベローズ製造過程で発生する残留応力の評価
A Study to Estimate Residual Stress under Bellows Manufacturing Process

KLYPRAYONG, Orrat  ,  藤木, 裕行  ,  臺丸谷, 政志

Bellows is an elastic tube that can be expanded when pressure is applied to the inside of the tube, or compressed under vacuum. The tubes are manufactured using sheet metal forming process that includes a vacriety of deep drawing. Residual stress can exist in the manufacture process of bellows. If the bellows are affected by the stress, their properties will be decreased, that is a reason of unexpected deterioration of the bellows. To estimate characteristics of the bellows with residual stress, numerical analysis method will be performed in this study. The residual stress, which is existed by manufacturing process of the tubes, will be evaluated quantitatively. The numerical analysis supposes deformation of stainless material when forming bellows shape. However, it is difficult to estimate the residual stress that will appear on bellows in actual deformation by its forming process, thus three point bending deformation with a stainless steel plate, which is raw material for bellows, was selected for the first application to simulate the manufacturing process. And the bending test by FEM analysis will be compared with those by experiment to verify results of them.

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