Conference Paper 緻密骨衝撃引張試験方法の確立(出力不良原因の検討)
Methodology to Construct Impact Tension Test Equipment for bone (Consideration of defective output)

泉, 亮典  ,  藤木, 裕行

Now, aging is progressing all over the world. Therefore, prevention of bone fracture is required. In order to do it, it is necessary to analyze deformation behavior of bone when a person falls down. However, the mechanical properties of bone have not been investigated when impact load acts on it. This study focuses on impact tension property of bone and constructs impact tension test equipment as a purpose. The theory of the split Hopkinson stick method was applied to the impact tension test. But various problems have occurred on the impact tension test equipment. The fixed method of lead wires produced a wave problem at Gauge2 and this problem was improved by using straws. The biggest problem is occurred at Gauge1, which is unstable output from Gauge1. But the confirmation of this problem is difficult by experimental method. So, the relationship between the incident stress and the influence of collision of leaned striker with Flange were clarified by numerical analysis.

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