Journal Article Value Chain Analysis of Park Volunteers between Their Assessment to the Activity and Consciousness to the Region

KOMATSU, Akiko  ,  ICHIMURA, Koji  ,  KANAOKA, Shogo

44 ( 5 )  , pp.111 - 122 , 2016 , 環境情報科学センター
This paper argues that park volunteer activities affect a sense of community of volunteers, based on covariance structure analysis. The adopted model shows that “scheme forinteraction between volunteers” positively affects “overall satisfaction of volunteer activities”and “human interaction” of a sense of community. Because variables of volunteer activities(“Scheme for contact with plants” “scheme for obtaining the skill and knowledge” and “schemefor social contribution”) have a chain reaction, volunteer activities improve social-capital consciousness of volunteers. This result indicates that park volunteer activities have ripple effects of both the expansion of human interaction with peers and the expansion of contribution to society, and have a potential to be a mean to trigger regional revitalization.

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