Journal Article Dynamic characteristic analysis of nonresonance-type ultrasonic actuator using electronic circuit simulator

SAKAI, Shinji  ,  AOYAGI, Manabu

54 ( 7S1 ) 2015-06-22 , The Japan Society of Applied Physics
The electromechanical equivalent circuit of an ultrasonic actuator is useful for gaining intuitive understanding or for design. However, the equivalent circuit had not been simulated directly on commercial computer software such as an electronic circuit simulator (ECS), because the nonlinear elements that express friction or contact separation are rarely expressed on the equivalent circuit. In this paper, the equivalent circuit model of a nonresonance-type ultrasonic actuator, which is created on the basis of the equation of motion and can be simulated on a commercial ECS, is proposed, and some simulated results obtained using a commercial ECS are reported.

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