Journal Article Simulation of magnetization process of Pure-type superconductor magnet undulator based on T-method

DERI, Yi  ,  KAWAGUCHI, Hideki  ,  TSUCHIMOTO, Masanori  ,  TANAKA, Takashi

518pp.106 - 110 , 2015-11-15 , Elsevier
For the next generation Free Electron Laser, Pure-type undulator made of high Tc superconductors (HTSs) was considered to achieve a small size and high intensity magnetic field undulator. In general, it is very difficult to adjust the undulator magnet alignment after the HTS magnetization since the entire undulator is installed inside a cryostat. The appropriate HTS alignment has to be determined in the design stage. This paper presents the development of a numerical simulation code for magnetization process of the Pure-type HTS undulator to assist the design of the optimal size and alignment of the HTS magnets.

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