Departmental Bulletin Paper A Four-Legged Mobile Robot with Prismatic Joints on Spiral Footholds

HANAJIMA, Naohiko  ,  LIU, Qunpo  ,  KAJIWARA, Hidekazu

This paper addresses a new design of a four-legged mobile robot with a double-spiral mobile architecture. The double-spiral mobile architecture has been proposed with the intention of use for environmental surveys in wetlands, where reed-like plants grow densely. It consists of two pairs of spirals and one mobile robot. Each pair of spirals plays the role of footholds for the mobile robot. By traveling at a higher place from the ground, the robot can avoid strong resistance force from the dense and hard-stemmed plants. In addition, the spirals intermediate between the robots and the muddy ground to avoid sinking. The proposed leg mechanism does not have any vertical movement. It contributes to energy saving in the robot. Also it provides the arbitrary motion of the body platform while the legs grip the spirals tightly. We derive the robot’s kinematics and statics and show the validity of the design mathematically.
特集 : The Papers Presented at the Symposium on Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Robotics 2015 (MIER2015) held at Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan on 29 - 30 May 2015

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