Departmental Bulletin Paper Vibration Suppression of a Journal Bearing Using Temperature Control:A Preliminary Experiment

KAZAMA, Toshiharu  ,  TANIMURA, Naoki  ,  NARITA, Yukihito  ,  HANAJIMA, Naohiko

A prototype of a circular hydrodynamic journal bearing to control temperature distributions of the bearing bush and the oil film was manufactured, with a preliminary experiment subsequently conducted to evaluate the extent of vibration suppression within the bearing. The specifications of the bearing were as follows: a bearing diameter of 50 mm, a bearing length of 50 mm, and a radial clearance of 0.025 mm. The bearing bush was divided into six parts, and five Peltier devices were installed for cooling and heating each part. The parameters of the experiment were as follows: a load up to 100 N, a rotational speed up to 35 rps, and a lubricating oil of ISO VG22. When the lower half of the bearing bush was cooled and the upper half was heated, the vibration was suppressed under a specific operating condition.
特集 : The Papers Presented at the Symposium on Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Robotics 2015 (MIER2015) held at Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan on 29 - 30 May 2015

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