Departmental Bulletin Paper 渡島半島西岸部せたな町の漁業方言語彙 : 東岸部旧椴法華村との比較の視点から
Dialectal Words Related to Fishery in Setana Located in the Western Region of the Oshima Peninsula : From the viewpoint of comparison between the western region and the eastern region

橋本, 邦彦

The purpose of this paper is as follows: 1) To classify words related to squids, octopuses, fishing tools, fishing methods, fish names, fish processing and traditional fishery events into three types of “used,” “known,” and “not used” by the interviewees, which were collected through the fieldwork in Setana in the western region of the Oshima Peninsula; 2) to describe their meanings, usages and background information in detail. Compared to the dialectal words of Todohokke in the eastern region, it is revealed that ecologically-conditioned, socially-conditioned and linguistically-conditioned factors, interacting with one another, produce similarity and difference in word forms/meanings between the two regions.

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