Departmental Bulletin Paper アイスランド語における無声歯茎ふるえ音の音韻論的位置付け
Phonological Interpretation of the Voiceless Alveolar Trill in Icelandic

三村, 竜之

Icelandic has the voiceless alveolar trill. The voiceless alveolar trill has traditionally been analyzed as a realization of /hr/ sequence, and within a recent framework based on the modern distinctive feature theory, the trill may be analyzed as the devoicing of /r/ which is triggered by the feature [+spread glottis] of the following segment. However, both of these two previous analyses have several deficiencies in their data and argumentation. On critical examination of the previous studies and based on the data of compounds and phrase/sentences, which both of the previous analyses failed to take into consideration, this paper shall draw the following three conclusions: i) besides /r/, the voiceless alveolar trill is a phoneme in Icelandic; ii) the voiceless trill in the word-initial and –medial position are both phonemic; iii) the voiceless trill in the word-final position is the realization of /r/ which is devoiced at the utterance-final position.

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