Journal Article Efficient subspace skyline query based on user preference using MapReduce

LI, Yuanyuan  ,  LI, Zhiyang  ,  DONG, Mianxiong  ,  QU, Wenyu  ,  JI, Changqing  ,  WU, Junfeng

35pp.105 - 115 , 2015-12 , ELSEVIER
Subspace skyline, as an important variant of skyline, has been widely applied for multiple-criteria decisions, business planning. With the development of mobile internet, subspace skyline query in mobile distributed environments has recently attracted considerable attention. However, efficiently obtaining the meaningful subset of skyline points in any subspace remains a challenging task in the current mobile internet. For more and more mobile applications, subspace skyline query on mobile units is usually limited by big data and wireless bandwidth. To address this issue, in this paper, we propose a system model that can support subspace skyline query in mobile distributed environment. An efficient algorithm for processing the Subspace Skyline Query using MapReduce (SSQ) is also presented which can obtain the meaningful subset of points from the full set of skyline points in any subspace. The SSQ algorithm divides a subspace skyline query into two processing phases: the preprocess phase and the query phase. The preprocess phase includes the pruning process and constructing index process which is designed to reduce network delay and response time. Additionally, the query phase provides two filtering methods, SQM-filtering and ε-filtering, to filter the skyline points according to user preference and reduce network cost. Extensive experiments on real and synthetic data are conducted and the experimental results indicate that our algorithm is much efficient, meanwhile, the pruning strategy can further improve the efficiency of the algorithm.

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