Conference Paper 単層CFRP板の繊維配向角の同定方法に関する基礎的実験
Experimental research for identification method of fiber orientation angle of single layer CFRP plate

松本, 大樹  ,  小川, 世大

20152015-08-24 , 日本機械学会
This study performs to measure fiber orientation angles of single layer CFRP plates by acoustic excitation. In order to confirm the vibration mode of the CFRP plate,the laser doppler velocimeter and at time-averaged digital holographic interference device are produced. These devices are able to find the natural frequency and vibration modes of the plate in the same time. In the experiment,it is confirmed that the node line ofthe vibration mode is able to determine the fiber orientation angle. The aspect ratio of the plate and the order of the vibration mode have much influence on the accuracy of fiber orientation angle identification.In this study,it is cIear that using the higher order of the vibration mode is effective to reduce the range of the error of the identification of the fiber orientation angle.

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