Conference Paper フォーカルプレーンシャッターにおける露光ムラを抑制するための設計因子の検討
Examination of Design Factor for Suppression of Unevenness Exposure with regards to Focal-plane shutter

今関, 崇一朗  ,  松本, 大樹

20152015-08-24 , 日本機械学会
The shutter of camera is a device that contols exposure time for the image sensor. A focal-plain-shutter is currently mainstream model of SLR Camera. The uneven-exposure is rarely occur at the manufacturing stage in the focal-plain-shutter. The uneven-exposure is phenomenon that photographs isn't able to be exposed. The unevenness-exposue cause is vibration of the shutter-blades. The cause of vibration is the gap between the shutter blades and pins. To reveal cause of the uneven-exposure, this study focuses on the backlash of arm with drive-unit. This study uses shutter-blades model for simple experiment.The experimental apparatus can drive the shutter-blade model with slider at high speed by spring force. To reveal the behavior during transient moving, two laser-displacement-meters measure the displacement gap of shutter-blade-model and slider.The results or experiments,it become clear that center of gravity and backlash size of shutter-blades model are important parameters. Rebound amount and interval time of peak to peak decrees as the backlash is decrees.

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