Journal Article A Single-Polarization Holey Fiber With Anisotropic Lattice of Circular Air Holes

ICHIKAWA, Kazuki  ,  ZHANG, Zejun  ,  TSUJI, Yasuhide  ,  EGUCHI, Masashi

33 ( 18 )  , pp.3866 - 3871 , 2015-09-15 , IEEE
We study on a novel single-polarization single-mode (SPSM) holey fiber (HF) using an anisotropic lattice of air holes. Elliptical-hole core circular-hole HFs (EC-CHFs) recently proposed can easily realize single-polarization regime by utilizing the anisotropic fundamental space-filling modes (FSMs) of the air hole lattices. In this paper, in order to realize an SPSM-HFs based on the same principle of the SPSM regime in the EC-CHF without using elliptical air holes, we use an anisotropic arrangement of circular air holes in the core region. In order to obtain Gaussian-like mode profile, the dependence of the FSM and mode profile on the air hole sizes, lattice constant, and air hole arrangement in the core region is investigated in detail.

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