Journal Article Extensive Reading and EFL Learning Motivation at Muroran IT

JOHNSON, Michael Paul

13pp.147 - 160 , 2015-03-30 , 北海道言語研究会
This paper describes an ongoing study evaluating the motivational effect of graded readersand extensive reading on Japanese engineering students learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL).The study evaluates attitudes and motivational orientations towards graded readers following asemester-long reading class which required learners to read extensively and take online quizzes via theMoodle Reader Module. Motivational orientations were assessed using the Graded ReaderInstructional Materials Motivational Survey (GR-IMMS), a questionnaire comprised of adapted scalesfrom Keller’s (2010) Instructional Materials Motivational Survey (IMMS) and open-ended items.Results of 270 (n=270) completed surveys indicated that the majority of learners positively endorsedextensive reading and the online evaluation system, and that content features, genre and textcharacteristics influenced learners’ perception of texts. Each of the cognitive variables examined inthe GR-IMMS scales were also positively endorsed. The implications of these findings are discussedas they relate to Japanese engineering students learning EFL.

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