Journal Article フランス語とイタリア語における指示代名詞の分布について
Distribution of the Demonstrative Pronouns in French and Italian

藤田, 健

13pp.25 - 47 , 2015-03-30 , 北海道言語研究会
In French the system of the demonstrative pronouns consists of seven elements, ce , cela ,ca ,ceci , celui , celui-ci and celui-la , while in Italian it consists of four elements, questo , quello ,cio and costui /colui . We examine the syntactic distribution of thesedemonstrative pronouns inthe corpus(a French text and its Italian translation and anItalian text and its Frenchtranslation), taking into account the distributional correspondence between them and personal pronouns. We observe that there is no direct correspondence of the demonstrative pronouns inthese two languages. Our analysis shows that in both of these languages each demonstrativepronoun is placed on the scale of concrete/abstract reference and that the use of the neuterdemonstrative pronouns in a strict sense is much more frequent in French than in Italian.

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