Departmental Bulletin Paper 陰イオン交換濾紙膜を用いたアスパラギン酸の選択透過

永田, 峻也  ,  井上, 浩義

(62)  , pp.23 - 29 , 2017-9 , 慶應義塾大学日吉紀要刊行委員会
Amino acids and small peptides are digested from dietary protein to be absorbed by the small intestine. Such an amino acid has been used as a complete digested food in the medical and welfare fields. Amino acid has been studied for not only nutritional utilization but also pharmacological activities. This research using membrane separation aims the selective-permeability of aspartic acid from mixture of proteins and peptides in industrial processes. In the results, selectivity of aspartic acid through anion exchange paper membrane dominates with electrostatic driving force not with diffusional driving force.

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