Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学女子サッカー選手の足趾把持筋力の特徴 : 第5中足骨疲労骨折との関連を中心に

福士, 徳文  ,  吉村, 雅文  ,  須田, 芳正  ,  靑葉, 幸洋  ,  石原, 美彦  ,  井口, 祐貴

56 ( 1 )  , pp.55 - 60 , 2017-1 , 慶應義塾大学体育研究所
In the present study, I aimed to collect toe flexor muscle strength data of university female soccer players and identify its characteristics. Twenty-one players, who are members of the Kanto university football Division II female soccer team, participated in this study. Accordingly, I considered the necessity of training during the study period due to the likelihood of low toe flexor muscle strength at the start of the season in female soccer players. In addition, there were no sex differences in the characteristics of toe flexor muscle strength. Therefore, I considered the necessity of conducting training to strengthen the toe flexor muscle strength in all soccer players.

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