Departmental Bulletin Paper 慶應義塾体育会部員に対するマウスガード利用の実態調査

鳥海, 崇  ,  森, 文彦  ,  坂井, 利彰  ,  須田, 芳正  ,  加藤, 幸司  ,  吉田, 泰将  ,  石手, 靖

56 ( 1 )  , pp.61 - 73 , 2017-1 , 慶應義塾大学体育研究所
We conducted a questionnaire survey on the status of mouth guard use in 40 clubs belonging to the Keio University Athletic Association in February 2014.The survey items assessed the following : ① presence or absence and frequency of daily use of mouth guard, and whether the mouth guard used is custom made ; ② experience of mouth and tooth injury and the presence or absence of the mouth guard when the injury occurred ; and ③ experience of concussion and the presence or absence of a mouth guard when the concussion occurred. A total of 1,046 individuals responded, including 796 males (76.1%) and 250 females (23.9%). The average ages of male and female respondents were 20.1 and 19.9 years old, respectively. Three hundred nine (29.5%) were mouth guard wearers, 247 of which were male (31.0%) and 62 of which were female (24.8%). One hundred fortyfour respondents (13.8%) had experienced mouth and tooth injuries (110 [13.8%] male and 34 [13.6%] female), while 142 (13.6%) respondents had experienced concussion (136 [17.1%] male and 6 [2.4%] female). More than 5 people used mouth guards in the rugby, American football, lacrosse, Shorinji Kempo and baseball sports clubs among males and the lacrosse club among females. In the rugby, American football, lacrosse (females only), and Shorinji Kempo clubs, the prevalence of mouth guard wearing exceeded 90%. The major reasons for being discontent with wearing mouth guards were "a foreign sensation" in baseball, breathing trouble in Shorinji Kempo , and poor pronunciation in rugby, American football, and lacrosse (both males and females), accounting for about 25%. Regarding the influence of mouth guards on the prevention of mouth and tooth injuries, we did observe a prevention effect in this study. However, we could not separate this effect from those of physique difference and years of experience using this survey method alone. The same is true for concussion.

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