Departmental Bulletin Paper 回転流と跳水に形成される多角形境界構造の類似性

柿野, 寛将  ,  陳, 謙  ,  森田, 貴紀  ,  梁川, みつき  ,  下村, 裕

(58)  , pp.1 - 10 , 2015-9 , 慶應義塾大学日吉紀要刊行委員会
It is found that the polygonal boundaries formed in rotating fluids have a structure similar to that in hydraulic jumps: the jets from the vertices of the polygon are observed just above the bottom of a rotating base. It is conjectured that the vortex structure observed in hydraulic jumps, called the "roller", may also exist in the polygonal boundary layers formed in rotating fluids.

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