Departmental Bulletin Paper 陽イオン交換膜を用いたセシウムの選択透過性に関する研究

鈴木, 梓月  ,  母里, 彩子  ,  井上, 浩義

(59)  , pp.1 - 5 , 2016-3 , 慶應義塾大学日吉紀要刊行委員会
The safety treatment of large amount of radioactive-cesium containing water generated by Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident on March of 2011 has become a major issue in the accident processing. This study relates to selective permeation of cesium ion through a cation exchange membrane. The membrane permeation of cesium ions through the cation exchange membrane was found to vary depending on the concentration difference between phases separated by the membrane. Moreover, it was also revealed that it is hardly influenced by the charge of the metal ions coexisted. It was suggested that the cation exchange membrane are available to remove the two or more valences ions from radioactive waste water which was occurred by reactor accident and was mixed with sea water and soil.

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