Journal Article 専門職感情労働における対人関係の変容 : 医師を事例として

塚田, 聡

(137)  , pp.37 - 62 , 2016-3 , 三田哲學會
The purpose of this paper is to clarify the situation of emotional labor by "status professions" like doctors and lawyers which has not been mentioned before, focusing on the relationship with the customers. I consider the possibility that new problems different from them has been presented before will occur/has occurred through clarifying the situation of emotional labor by status professions with different elements of the background from the non-professionals.From the interviews to doctors, paternalistic physician–patient relationship has been pointed out in the past is not observed. They judge the feelings of patients, deal to change them and manage their own emotions in the work. In the background, there are altruistic professional ethics which is a feature of status professions and they attempt to do self-reflection recursively. However, it also observed changes in the environment surrounding the doctor like the introduction of informed consent and the reduction of the information asymmetry between doctors and patients resulted in an increase in claims and medical litigation, informed consent is turn into a tool of self protection of the doctor's own and interaction with the patient tend to be simplified/formalized. In Hochschild's view, people have not the resources are recruited to the emotional labor by providing resources that own feelings. The results show the transformation which emotional labor different from the emotion management that has been done is currently required for status professions.

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