Journal Article 「文化的リテラシー」論におけるコスモポリタニズム : E・D・ハーシュ・ジュニアの考察を通して

翟, 高燕

(136)  , pp.49 - 67 , 2016-3 , 三田哲學會
特集 : 教育学寄稿論文
This study presents a review and assessment of cosmopolitanism. The existing image of E. D. Hirsch, Jr. is a conservative one in the filed of multiculturalism research; however, it will potentially alter using the interpretations of Hirsch's cosmopolitanism. The first section of this study describes a review of diversity and unity in the United States into understanding the multiculturalism. The second section analyzes Hirsch's understanding of cosmopolitanism in contrast with that of Apple's. In conclusion, this study discusses a new interpretation of Hirsch's cosmopolitanism in the field of multicultural research.

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