Journal Article 木村素衞の教育思想における形成と歴史 : 形成概念の歴史性に着目して

山田, 真由美

(136)  , pp.99 - 124 , 2016-3 , 三田哲學會
特集 : 教育学寄稿論文
The purpose of this paper is to re-consider the conception of "the formation" in Motomori Kimura's thought, and to figure out the relationship between his philosophy for the love of representation, called "Hyogen-ai", and the thought about the national education created in the war time. In the current study, these two aspects of Kimura's thought have been regarded as in conflict because his thought of the national education seems to have a strong link with the responsibility of encouraging the war in 1940s. Against these situations, this paper focuses on Kimura's concern with the issue about the historical situation, and to point out that the most important conception "formation" always means the creativity of subjective individuals which form the culture and history. Therefore, in his thought, education must be the process of forming a man to the autonomous subject and also the process of creating the culture, history, nation and the whole world historically. This idea toward historical philosophy seems to be common to the thought of philosophers belong to the Kyoto-school.

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