Journal Article 海保青陵における「理」の成立について : 蘭学と新たな知性

青栁, 淳子

108 ( 1 )  , pp.173 - 200 , 2015-4 , 慶應義塾経済学会
海保青陵は, 客観的経験的に社会の事象を観察し, 論理的に答えを導き出そうと考え抜いた。彼の思考方法は, いわゆる蘭学者たちの発想方法ときわめて類似しており, そのするどい分析力には注目すべき点が多い。武士の商人化をラディカルに説き, さまざまな富国策を論じた経世家, 海保青陵の「理」の基盤を考察し, 江戸時代の思想史上における青陵思想の位置付けを明確にする。Kaiho Seiryo is known as a free thinker who proposed mercantile economic policy to some Han domains. He observed and considered all social matters objectively without the traditional confusion prejudice.He studied a new empirical Confucianism advocated by Ogyu Sorai, called "Soraigaku". Simultaneously, he was influenced by the way of thinking in Dutch learning, though he had not studied Dutch at all, because he was grown up together with Katsuragawa Hoshu, who was later known as a leading scholar of Dutch learning.This paper examines the two bases of Kaiho Seiryo's thought, "Soraigaku" and Dutch learning, to placed him in the history of Edo period thought.

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