Departmental Bulletin Paper 舞踊指導者の指導助言からみた指導内容に関する研究 ─バレエの技術習得の指導場面別にみた指導助言と指導内容について─
A Study of the Teaching Activities of Dance Coaches Focusing on Their Advice: Advice Provided to Help Learn Ballet Techniques in Different Situations

千住, 真智子  ,  吉見, 英里  ,  日髙, 弓雅

66pp.105 - 120 , 2018-02-28 , 大阪教育大学
The present study aimed to examine the teaching activities of dance coaches, including advice to help learn ballet techniques and choreography, by extracting descriptions of their advice from DVDs published between November 2001 and May 2009. Regarding the types of advice given to help learn ballet skills, descriptions of advice related to the characteristics of movements in ballet were the most common, followed by those to help learn creative skills required in creative performance and the recognition of physical expressions. Regarding advice for individual students, many coaches provided advice to help them learn the characteristics of movements in ballet, or improve their internal senses by learning the principles of movements, as well as integrate their movements and expressions. There were also large numbers of descriptions of advice on: the movements of students when using practice bars (including checking their movements and instructions), smooth connections between movements in “au milieu" lessons, and explanations of works and advice on expressions in lessons on specific plays.

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