Departmental Bulletin Paper 舞踊の「即興表現」に関する研究 ─創作活動における舞踊経験者の意識と取り組みに焦点をあてて─
“Improvisational Expressions" in Dance: Focusing on the Awareness of Dancers and Their Efforts in Their Creative Activities

吉見, 英里  ,  太田, 順康  ,  千住, 真智子

66pp.95 - 104 , 2018-02-28 , 大阪教育大学
The present study involving dancers aimed to analyze their awareness of improvisational expressions and efforts in their creative activities. The results suggested that their efforts for improvisational expressions are not influenced by the period of dance experience, their attitudes toward collaborative and creative activities, stage experience, or their opportunities to perform. The following twelve factors influencing the awareness of improvisational expressions were extracted: “skills for physical expressions", “skills for sensory expressions", “characteristics related to expressions", “discovery/exploration", “creative acting", “provided advice", “creative/expressive aspect", “physical potentials", “cabriole/sublimation", “creativity", “being as you are", and “creative attitudes". The results suggest that many years of stage experience and creative activities in collaboration with others enhance awareness of “creative acting" related to improvisational expressions, and that the involvement of dancers in improvisational expressions through their creative activities improves their awareness of the creation of expressions while learning the choreography necessary to increase the quality of dance performance.

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