Departmental Bulletin Paper クルト・レヴィンにとって時間的展望とは何か ─ダイナミック・システムズ・アプローチとしての生活空間論─
Time Perspective for Kurt Lewin: Life Space Theory as Dynamic Systems Approach

白井, 利明

66pp.75 - 94 , 2018-02-28 , 大阪教育大学
Our behavior is affected not only by the present but also by the past and future. Kurt Lewin is well-known as an advocator of this idea, but at the same time he said that only the present can affect on the behavior. For Lewin, this discrepancy is not an issue since he illustrates dynamism of creating behaviour change in whole situation. He introduced the findings of Tamara Dembo as the followings. A subject was forbidden to leave a room, yet would like to do so. She was not able to carry out her leaving in the form of saying good-by and then was to form the intention: “I will go as soon as the clock gets into this or that position." Thus she created valences for the future, which then directly pressed her to leave. It means that people can change situations by taking orientation to the future and acquire the freedom of will. From the Lewinian viewpoint, the further study on time perspective is to clarify dynamic process of interaction between the past and future, arising in the whole situation, and changing behavior.

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